Saturday, August 29, 2009

Madballs Calendar

The new Madballs calendar is out now! I had the opportunity to do an illustration for the September page that spotlighted Swine Sucker™   It had been a while since i had done any illustration ,so this was a great opportunity to get me  going on illustrating again. Thankfully, I had a little help from a friend of mine on this.. but in the end the final result is all me. So wether you like it or not.. im responsible for the final outcome of the piece.  I had alot of fun doing this piece.. though it was a struggle.. Anyway enjoy! For all you Madball fans.. keep an eye out for this calendar at retail.. it should be out now. 
Looking for more madballs info.. head over to Madballs central  
A special thanks goes out to Keith Allen who put this project together.

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